Our prototypes

Lapyx 3

Our latest prototype, Lapyx 3, has recently been completed. It is a direct iteration on Lapyx 2. Therefore it has similar dimensions: a 3.2 meter wingspan and a weight of 2.8 kilograms. Flight dynamics have been improved a lot, this will enable Lapyx 3 to have solar panels on board. Upgrades will be made on Lapyx 3: add solar panels, implement an autopilot and add an onboard camera module.

Lapyx 2

Lapyx 2 was the first prototype to demonstrate a fully airworthy system, from launch to landing. It was born from the failings of L0 and L1, and set the first performance benchmark for development of future prototypes.

Lapyx 1

Lapyx 1 aimed to achieve powered flight by building on the failings of its predecessor. Though it was able to launch successfully and rise to a suitable flight altitude, the aircraft encountered flutter – or resonance – when entering a turn. It was brought down safely but deemed inoperable.

Lapyx 0

Lapyx 0 marked our inaugural effort to create a flightworthy airframe. Design flaws led to an unbalanced and structurally inadequate aircraft. Despite crashing seconds after launch, this prototype’s development and flight attempt were crucial for learning and team experience.