Building a solar powered, autonomous AAV!

About Us

Team Daedalus is developing a solar-powered unmanned aircraft to be used in the detection and monitoring of wildfires. Using solar-power, the aircraft has no need to land and refuel, and can therefore remain in the air for much longer time periods.

Founded in 2020, our team is based at InnovationSpace, a hub and center of expertise for challenge-based learning and student entrepreneurship at TU/e. 

Lapyx 2

Our latest prototype, Lapyx 2.1, the second design iteration. With this design we achieved our milestone of designing and building an airworthy system, with predictable flight characteristics . With a wingspan of 3 meters and  weight of 3.2 kilograms it is a perfect stepping stone for the next stage in our development.

Lapyx 3

The next generation of Lapyx drones is currently under development. It will feature a range of improved characteristics as well as improvements to electrical components, implementation of autopilot systems and most importantly: solar panels!All of the changes we plan to make aim to enhance the efficiency and capabilities and ensure cutting-edge aerial performance.

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The students behind this project

We currently consist of highly motivated students from a number of different faculties. All of us are eager to make an impact, and we hope to do so through this student team. Our members work as per their sub-groups: Aerospace, Avionics, Software, and Business.

Our engineering sub-divisions

In order to work efficiently, our work is split between sub-teams, each focusing on a subset of the project. Here you can find short descriptions of what each one focuses on!

Aerospace Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Software Engineering

Jan 7, 2021 – Tim Walter

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Jan 7, 2021 – Tim Walter

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Jan 7, 2021 – Tim Walter

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